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Welcome to the RSwitch database

The RSwitch database contains information on using riboswitches as antibacterial drug targets. Each riboswitch represented by the ID, name, aptamer sequences, secondary structures, multiple alignments, consensus motifs, and biochemical pathways.

To retrieve data from the riboswitches database use the text area provided below or use the drop down menus to select riboswitch or bacterial strain. A minimum input of 3 characters is required at the text.

You can search using Riboswitch_ID, Riboswitch Name, Targeted Bacterium Strain, Riboswitch sequence or Metabolic Pathway. Use a lower dash "_" instead of space to search using full bacterial names i.e: Listeria_monocytogenes.

Search the RSwitch database using the field below:


Examples: 176482, FMN, Acinetobacter, Listeria_monocytogenes, Sequence example search

or select from the drop down menus below:



The RSwitch database contains 215 riboswitch sequences from 16 different types:
List of riboswitch types.

A research paper on the RSwitch database is published in the journal of IEEE Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

Some useful resources used:
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(2) I. Kalvari et al., Rfam 13.0: shifting to a genome-centric resource for non-coding RNA families, Nucleic Acids Res pp. D335–D342, 2018.