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This program will search for ORFs and promoter elements (Pribnow box and the -35 sequence) in Prokaryotic DNA sequences. To perform a search please upload or paste your sequence at the text area provided and press the Send button.


Help: Any numbers, spaces, star (*) and brackets (){}[] will be ignored in the input. This program will search for Open Reading Frames in a Prokaryotic DNA sequence. It will also look for the presence of several -10 TATA boxes (TTAACT, TAACTC,TATGTT, CATGAT, TAGGTT, TATGGT, TAGACT, and TATAAT), and -35 sequences (TTGACA, TTTACA, GCGCAA, TTGCTT, GTCACA, GTGTTT, and TTGATA), that can be located around 35 bp upstream of the transcription start site (TSS) in the prokaryotic genomes. Then you can select to search for all three possible START (ATG, GTG, and TTG) codons or some of them. It will also search for all STOP (TAG, TAA, and TGA) codons in all 6 reading frames of the sequence. The program will identify ORFs longer than 300 nt. In addition, we use the Fickett's function for prediction of protein coding regions.

Uploading sequence from txt file: Upload your file with your sequence using the form provided. Notice only TXT files will be accepted. Then select ORFs to search for and press the Send button. The uploaded sequence can be also edited while being in the text box. Any sequence already present in the text box prior the upload will be replaced from the uploaded one.

Select the start codon(s):

ATG;   GTG or TTG   ATG, GTG or TTG;  

Enter DNA sequence:


Created together with Dr. D. Kaloudas. For any comments or inquires you can email him...

When you use this bioinformatics applet please cite this paper.