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This program will predict the hydropathy of an amino acid sequence.


Help: Numbers, spaces, star (*) and brackets (){}[] will be ignored in the input. The program supports and the 21st amino acid Selenocysteine (Sec). This program will produce a hydropathy plot of the input protein sequence. Will divide the sequence into blocks of 10 a.a. and will produce the hydropathy plot. The Kyte-Doolittle or the Moon-Fleming scale can be selected. The applet will also generate the hydropathy plot of the 9 frames of the input sequence. Notice: Letters not corresponding to amino acids (B, J, O, X and Z) will be ignored.

Kyte-Doolittle scale (See Hydropathy table);  Moon-Fleming scale  (See Hydropathy table); 

Enter Amino Acid sequence:


Created together with Dr. D. Kaloudas. For any comments or inquires you can email him...

This applet is published in the International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications.