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gRNA generator for Cas9 system:

This program is designed to identify Proto-spacer Adjacent Motifs (PAM, 5'-NGG-3') and to generate gRNA sequences. You can use the text area provided and by copying and pasting your sequence there (you can also name the input sequence). Apart from this, you can select your genomic (target) DNA from the provided 25 bacterial genome sequences. For this aim, please use the drop-down menu to select your input genome and the strand you like to search in. If you are looking at a bacterial genome please define the region.

DNA region from position to bp

Sequence Name:

Please paste DNA sequence in a 5' to 3' orientation.


When you use this bioinformatics applet please cite this paper.

Created together with Dr. D. Kaloudas. For any comments or inquires you can email him...