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You can find here any research or news article I have published. It is provided full citation statistics for any research publication according to many different research databases. You can also find my Doctoral thesis, patents, and News and Views papers on my research.

Our recent paper is an editors' choice of the American Chemical Society! editors' choice of the American Chemical Society

Our recent paper is among the most popular in the ACS Synthetic Biology! Our recent paper is among the most popular in the ACS Synthetic Biology!

Recently, the research in the Robert Penchovsky laboratory was supported by a grant DN13/14/20.12.2017, completed with 20 publications with IF of 84 points and Q1-4 of 274 points entitled "Design and experimental validation of chimeric antisense oligonucleotides as antibacterial agents" and is currently supported by a grant KP-06-H31/18/13.12.2019 entitled "Engineering functional nucleic acids for synthetic control of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes" awarded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund (BNSF). You can see a presentation of the results of the first half of the project DN13/14/20.12.2017 (in Bulgarian only).

Our research was noticed and commented in high impact factor journals such as Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, ACS Synthetic Biology, and RSC Chemistry World.

All publications presented herein, are in a PDF format. You can install the latest freely available version of Adobe Reader from here.

Citation statistics of my scientific publications: over 910 citations;

Impact Factor: over 180 points; H-index: 14 points; I10-index: 17

My current citations according to GoogleScholar are 916 indexing 51 publications and can be seen here. Since 2017, my scientific publications have been cited 437 times. The citations include research, reviews, and news and views articles, book chapters, patents, and Ph.D. theses. Currently, my H-index is equal to 14 points while my I10-index has 17 points according to ScholarGoogle. Since 2017, my H-index has 11 points and my I10-index has also 14 points .

I am a leading author (the first or the last author) of over 95% of my publications. Since my assistant professorship position in 2010, I have published 11 papers of various types as a solid author and 37 papers only with my current or former master or doctoral students as co-authors. A list of 884 citations of my publications without self-citations till the end of July 2022 can be seen here. I have an Impact Factor (IF) of 188 points (see the slide show below).

My current citations according to ResearchGate   are 797 points and H-index of 14 points indexing 59 publications, and according to Scopus   are 625 with H-index of 12 points indexing 34 publications. My research has 20 highly influential citations and overall 764 citations with a H-index of 13 points on SemanticScholar indexing 46 publications.

You can also follow my research on PubMed includes 22 publications, WoS includes 28 publications with H-index of 11, NACID includes 93 publications, Mendeley includes 47 publications, Academia, and ORCID includes 59 publications .

Robert's research keywords: ribozymes, riboswitches, bioinformatics, biosensors, microfluidics, DNA/RNA computing, RNA synthetic biology, and rational drug design.

My publications and *News and Views papers on my research: