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TM Calculator:

Please enter your DNA or RNA sequence up to 60 nt (from a 5-prime end to a 3-prime end) to compute the Melting Temperature (TM). The TM for DNA is calculated according to the unified nearest-neighbor thermodynamics at 37oC. The TM for RNA is calculated according to the nearest-neighbor thermodynamics model for RNA duplexes at 37oC. TM for DNA/RNA is culculated according to the Thermodynamic parameters for RNA/DNA hybrid duplexes . Please notice if a DNA sequence is used for RNA TM calculation, the program will automatically substitute Ts with Us prior the analysis. Similarly if RNA used for the DNA/RNA TM option Us will be substituted with Ts.

DNA/DNA TM calculation;   RNA/RNA TM calculation;   DNA/RNA TM calculation;  

Oligo and Salt concentration parameters:

Oligo Concentration (nM)

Na+ Concentration (mM)


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