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Virtual PCR:

This program will perform a virtual PCR reaction. To perform the reaction insert the template sequence and the primers sequence at the text areas provided and press the Send button. If the primer(s) have a tail that does not hybridize on the template you can added it in the tail box. If there are expected mismatches between the primer and the template, substitute the primer's nucleotide with the point symbol ".". (E.g. AT.CGTGCA.GTGCAC primer will match any nucleotide A, G, C or T between the primer and the template at the given positions. Those positions will be shown with the letter "X" at the generated sequence.

To calculate the generated PCR product, insert the template concentration in ng/μl and the PCR cycles.

Template concentration:   

Number of cycles:             

Change PCR efficiency by selecting the equivalent radio button.

PCR efficiency:

: 95% ;    : 90%;    : 85%;    : 80%;    : 75%;    : 70%   

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Created together with Dr. D. Kaloudas. For any comments or inquires you can email him...

This applet is published in the International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications.