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Dear Visitor,

To perform digestion please upload or paste your sequence at the text area provided. Select between the Restriction mapping (RM) options or select to digest your sequence using specific restriction enzymes from the list provided and press the Send buttom.

Restriction Mapping

Help: Any spaces or numbers will be ignored in the input sequence, which should not exceed 6000 bp. You can select the Restriction map to search your input DNA sequence against all 1502 enzymes in the database. You can also choose to search the database only for enzymes that cut the input sequence at one (RM 1 cutter), two (RM 2 cutters) or three (RM 3 cutters) positions. In addition, you can choose enzyme name(s) from the list to digest your sequence with it.

You can use the form below to Upload a DNA sequence from a txt file. Notice only TXT files will be accepted. AFTER the upload select the type of input as discribed above and press the Send button.The uploaded sequence can be also edited while being in the text box. Any sequence already present in the text box prior the upload will be replaced from the uploaded one.

Select type of input:

: Restriction map;   RM 1 cutter;  RM 2 cutters;  RM 3 cutters;

Choose enzyme name(s) from the list below:

You can choose here from 179 restriction enzymes. To select multiple options, hold down the Ctrl (MS Windows) or Command (Mac) button.

Enter your sequence:


When you use this bioinformatics applet please cite this paper.

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