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Our highly respectable rector Prof. Anastas Gerdzhikov together with our doctoral student Georgi Miloshev, the winner of the prize "doctoral student of the year 2022" of Sofia University, in the Aula of the SU, after the ceremony, May 26, 2022. Georgi works on several research projects, including DN13/14/20.12.2017, KP-06-H31/18/13.12.2019, and KP-06-M33/5/18.12.2019 awarded by the BNSF (see the image below).
The prize is given for our publications: Small RNA-based Systems for Sensing and Therapeutic Applications and Engineering a Plasmid as a Reporter System for Quantifying Gene Expression in Escherichia Coli.

Certificate of the award
Sertificate of the award

Georgi with his award
News on the award

Georgi's presentation
News on the award

Georgi receiving the award
News on the award

Georgi addressing the Aula
News on the award

Georgi addressing the Aula - short video

Video 1. Our doctoral student Georgi Miloshev - the doctoral student of the year 2022 for Sofia University (in Bulgarian only).