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Doctoral and Master Student Alumni of Penchovsky Laboratory

 N:   Name   Citizenship   Programs   Year of Graduation   Current Employer 
1.  Dimitar T. Todorov   Bulgarian   MCE master in Bulgarian(1)   2011  Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts-BAS
2.  Dr. Gergana T. Kostova   Bulgarian   MCE master in Bulgarian(1)   2012   PPD Company - Clinical trails 
3.  Cvetelina C. Stoilova   Bulgarian   MCE master in Bulgarian(1)   2012   PPD Company - drug safety  
4.  Cvetelina L. Manolova   Bulgarian   GG master in Bulgarian(1)   2013   Privet Company 
5.  Isra AL-Hamadani   Iraqi   GG master in English(1)   2013   University of Kufa, Iraq 
6.  Martina Traykovska   Macedonian/
 MCE master in Bulgarian(1)   2014   Sofia University 
7.  Teodora D. Tchurtova   Bulgarian   GG master in Bulgarian(1)   2014   Privet Company 
8.  Maria H. Popadyiska   Bulgarian   MCE master in Bulgarian(2)   2014   PPD Company - Clinical trails IV 
9.  Nikolet I. Pavlova   Bulgarian   GG master in Bulgarian(1)   2016   Sofia University 
10.  Kristina Ragaliauskaite   Lithuanian   GG master in English(1)   2016   Quintiles Company - Clinical trails
11.  Violeta L. Zhelyaskova   Bulgarian   GG master in Bulgarian(2)   2016   Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts
12.  Dr. Dimitrios Kaloudas   Greek   GG master in English(1)   2017   Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece
13.  Dena Panovska   Macedonian/
 GG master in Bulgarian(2)   2017   Ph.D. student, UZ Leuven, Belgium 
14.  Nikolai Todorov   Bulgarian   MCE master in Bulgarian(1)   2017   Privet Company 
15.  Georgi Kovachev   Bulgarian   MCE master in Bulgarian(1)   2017   Privet Company 
16.  Dr. Martina Traykovska   Macedonian/
 Ph.D. program in Bulgarian(3)   2017   Assistant Professor, Sofia University 
17.  Metodi Sinadinov   Macedonian/
 GG master in Bulgarian(1)   2019   Privet Company 
18.  Dr. Nikolet Pavlova   Bulgarian   Ph.D. program in Bulgarian(3)   2019   Teaching & Research projects 
19.  Dr. Lozena Otcheva   Bulgarian   Ph.D. program in Bulgarian(3)   2021   Privet Company 
20.  Dr. Aikaterini Valsamatzi   Greek   Ph.D. program in Bulgarian(3)   2021   Hospital 
21.  Dr. Katya Popova   Bulgarian   Ph.D. program in Bulgarian(3)   2021   Assistant Professor, BAS 

Table legend: Master's Programs: GG - Genetics and Genomics; MCE - Molecular(Genetic) and Cellular Engineering.
(1) I alone supervised those 13 master students from 5 different nationalities.
(2) I was the second supervisor of those 3 master students in the framework of ERASMUS program.
(3) I alone supervised those 5 doctoral (Ph.D.) students from 3 different nationalities.

Dr. Nikolet Pavlova on her doctoral thesis defence, October 16th, 2019.

Dr. Nikolet Pavlova on her doctoral thesis defence, October 9, 2017

Dr. Martina Traykovska on her doctoral thesis defence, October 9th, 2017.

Dr. Martina Traykovska on her doctoral thesis defence, October 9, 2017

Students in Robert Laboratory for 2015, on the photo below from left to right:

Students in Robert laboratory for 2015 1. Martina Traykovska,
from Macedonia, Doctoral student, second year;

2. Robert Penchovsky, PI;

3. Kristina Ragaliauskaite,
from Lithuania, Master student;

4. Nikolet Pavlova,
from Bulgaria, Master student.